The construction of the O’Hara Point History Site started in the summer of 2012. The project was set in two phases.

The first one involved the construction of the Three Nations Wharf and the settlement of five interpretation buildings.

The second phase started in the summer of 2013. It included the relocation of the road, the moving of the house of Horatio LeBoutillier, the construction of the naval base and of the long Mi’kmaq house.

The six interpretation buildings have been built according to the information available on the original buildings. The materials used in the past have been used accordingly to the current building code standards. The size of the buildings has also been reduced to facilitate their installation of the site.

The making of this project was made possible with the help of a huge team of engineers, architects, workers and several volunteers.

The construction works should end in the summer of 2015 with the official opening of the site.